The Bookshelf – Worth it: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms

Who: written by Amanda Steinberg (founder of

What: a financial guide directed at women focusing on achieving positive net worth and positive feelings about money.

When: Published February 2017

How: The goal of the first part of the book is to understand and accept your personal feelings towards money (your “money story”).  It’s got solid referenced research, statistics, and discussion about the cultural norms on women and money that impact most of our individual money stories.  The second part is on the big picture of finance and how to build net worth.  It’s organized around the two ideas of “Grow your roots and spread your wings” where Continue reading “The Bookshelf – Worth it: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms”

What on earth is “extra” money?

The current Woman’s Day magazine has an article talking about “extra” money and how it often gets “frittered away”.  I had to stop right there.  What on earth is extra money and how do I get some?

Well, it turns out that by “extra” they really meant unexpected, unplanned for or forgotten money.  Let’s break these down for a minute.

  • Unexpected money. This is the good stuff, the real deal.  The bonus you didn’t know was coming.  Maybe an inheritance or winning the lottery.  This is money you had no way to expect, and thus weren’t planning for in any kind of real way (though we all have the day dreams).

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