The First Big Idea

Hi.Hello my name is

If you’re reading this, it means at least one of us is new here and we’ve found the beginning.

I’m Alison and there’s a bio that I hope has enough about me to convince you I am reasonably qualified to have a blog that is going to delve into some good financial stuff and some humorous stuff and some random stuff.  It’s not that qualifications are at all necessary to blog, but nice if you prefer that sort of thing. And in case you didn’t click on the enticing link, I’ll confess right now that the bio doesn’t list any ways in which I am qualified to be humorous, or random.  Those are just free bonuses.

Right now I want you to know that I’m full of what we call around here “big ideas”.  I’ve got a really big idea right now that the tricky part of life is balance.  Yeah I know, you’ve heard umpteen times about this work-life or work-family balance.  Blah blah blah. Continue reading “The First Big Idea”