The Bio

Wow, I really didn’t think anyone would click. This is awkward.

Just kidding… about the awkward part at least. This part is pretty easy since I did actually live through all of my experience thus far. Here’s the relevant highlights.

I’m a Georgia Tech grad who stumbled into accounting and finance on my way to an engineering degree. True story! I was one of those super lucky kids who got to work a job or two at all times from the age of 14 on and as an undergrad I managed to get my first office job. It turned out those whiz bang spreadsheet and calculation skills were super useful and all the logic an engineer would need also applied to budgets and business. I was hooked and changed my major to Management Science.

A few years later I had a shiny new diploma and a sweet (if tiny) little office where I could work on real estate budgets (a hundred or more at a time) and analyze financial statements all day. It was amazing and I can’t even pretend I didn’t love it. Over the years I got really good at budgeting and financial analysis and reporting, taught finance classes, managed multi-family property renovations, grew my family, and traveled. I love travel almost as much as I love finance. I was also a professional photographer for a few years and still do that in my spare time.

I’ve worked for a few international firms and a few domestic ones and for the past few years have focused on working with and advising small companies and individuals. I absolutely love working directly with people and being able to have an immediate positive impact on their day to day business and lives.

What I’m not:

I’m not a certified financial planner or investment adviser or insurance broker or anything like any of that. I want to get you to the point you can save, invest, etc. because you are doing a crazy good job managing your day to day money and decisions, but I’m not going to tell you what to do with that ‘extra’ money because my crystal ball doesn’t work so well. I personally use other people who are experts in those fields and I stick to what I know.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, I adore people who read all the way to the bottom!



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